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Classical4C & Foresight Club

2 About This Website

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A linguistic tool for timesaving through social clarity and matching understanding, Thumoslang is the new weave for a stronger social fabric. Tell me more.

Several residents of Rhode Island are working together on how to discharge Thumoslang at scale. They are the operator of the Ri4CTV YouTube Channel and call themselves the Foresight Startup Community of Rhode Island (FSCRi), as explained in the following chapter, Chapter 3 – What is FSCRi?

This blog site ( aims to facilitate collaboration among FSCRi members. This website acts as the front yard of their backoffice, where the public can see why and how they do the business of Thumoslang and Ri4CTV.

At the top of this web page is the intersite menu presenting four commands taking you to four integrated websites: the Thumoslang website, the Ri4CTV website, the Foresight domain, and this website. Tell me more.

Promoting Thumoslang is not the purpose of this website. Thumoslang Visitor Center is where you can access the marketing material for Thumoslang.

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